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Pistol Competition Saturday October 23rd

Events Coordinator, Chris Hopkins has announced a Pistol Shoot Competition for Saturday, October 23rd

Any questions, contact Chris Hopkins (940) 445-0599 or Jeff Geer (940) 445-1942

Skeet Shoot – October 22nd

Events Coordinator, Chris Hopkins has announced the next Skeet Competition for Friday, October 22nd

Any questions, contact Chris Hopkins (940) 445-0599 or Jeff Geer (940) 445-1942

Trap / Quail Walk Results

Saturday’s Trap/Quail Walk was a well attended shoot. with 19 participants. Here are the results from that shoot. Any questions may be directed to Events-Coordinator, Paul (Chris) Hopkins. 940-328-9011 or chrishopkins67@att.net

Quail Walk Results


We are not accepting any Applications at this time

Below are the New Member Application and Background Check Release form. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY

To submit an application to the Club, print out ALL 3 PAGES from the 2 links below.

2021-2022 Application

BackGround Check Release

(if you have an LTC, you may submit a photocopy of your license in lieu of the Background Check Release form)

Completely FILL OUT all 3 pages and put in an addressed envelope with your payment and take it to the Mineral Wells Post Office and give to a window clerk asking them to “keep it Local” (This prevents the application from going to Ft Worth for processing, losing a day or more to return to Mineral Wells.) Your application must include our club address, and postage is required.

Brazos River Gun and Archery Club
P.O. Box 224
Mineral Wells, TX 76068

On July 1st, we will fill any openings with the New Member Applications in the order they were received. New Members will be notified by mail with a “New Member Packet” as quickly as possible. Please be patient.

No funds will be deposited unless membership is achieved.

IF Membership is not achieved, your funds will be returned you.

2021-2022 Club Membership

Club Member renewal applications were mailed out on May 20th.

If you have NOT received your renewal application, please contact the Club Secretary, Clark Wraight 940-325-1550

New Member Applications will be available on this website on Tuesday, June 1st Prospective New Members should read the instructions carefully and submit their applications as soon as possible to have a chance at obtaining membership. ONLY 2021-2022 Applications will be ACCEPTED. No past years’ versions will be accepted.

Gate Protocol Sign

Signs have been added to the front gate to remind Members to “walk” the gate open. Some have been letting the gate swing open freely and this can cause damage to the gate or to vehicles. Also, it is important to secure the gate open to avoid the gate swinging out toward the road and becoming stuck on the entrance. PLEASE take notice of the gate usage protocols.

Rifle Range Buzzer

ALL Members need to take notice of some of the new Signage being installed at the Range.

At the rifle range, Shooters must sound the Buzzer before going down-range to insure that all other ranges have ceased shooting. Shooters must also sound the Buzzer after returning to signal all clear.

4H Shooting Sports Practice

4H Shooting Sports Spring Practice

The Santo 4H Program will resume it’s Shooting Practice on Sunday, February 14th at 1pm. They will be on the South Range, in the area designated for their usage. Members should plan Range usage accordingly


A reminder to Members, we DO NOT ALLOW pets on the Range. It is detrimental to their health. Please do not bring your pets to the range

Skeet / Trap Tournament Prizes Awarded

Today the prizes for the 2019-2020 Skeet /Trap Torunament were awarded

The final Standings were:
1st Place – Wilburn Knowles
2nd Place – Bill Imboden
3rd Place – Cam Potter

1st Place -  Wilburn Knowles

1st Place –
Wilburn Knowles

2nd Place - Bill Imboden

2nd Place –
Bill Imboden

3rd Place -  Cam Potter

3rd Place –
Cam Potter

Raffle Prizes:

$50 Cabelas Gift Card – Wilburn Knowles
$100 Cabelas Gift Card – Larry Brandenburg
$200 Cabelas Guft Card – Travis Phillips

$200 Cabelas Gift Card  Travis Phillips

$200 Cabelas Gift Card
Travis Phillips

Grand Prize Raffle – Baretta A300 Shotgun

Grand Prize Raffle -  Jeff Geer

Grand Prize Raffle –
Jeff Geer