BRGAC Clay Tournament POSTPONED to September 15th

We are set for the BRGAC Clay Tournament Round 2.

Due to continued rain in the forecast, we have had to POSTPONE the Clay Tournament Round 2 for one week.

Where: Brazos River Gun and Archery Club Skeet Field

When: September 15. 2018 – Sign up starts at 11:30, first bird flies at 12:00 noon.

What: One round of American Skeet

Cost: $5.00 per person

No prizes will be awarded on the Tournament Day, instead points will be awarded to participants in an inverse relation to their place on that day, i.e. if you place 1st out of 10 people you get 10 points, you place 2nd out of 10 you get 9 point, and etc. All ties will be determined in a shoot off. Bounty birds may be thrown at any time and will be worth one point if hit. Points are non-transferable. Points will be converted into tickets and entered into a random drawing conducted at the annual July 2019 meeting. Grand Prize will be a new shotgun, other prizes to be determined. You have to be a club member for the 2019 -2020 year to win, but need not be present.

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