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NEW SKEET / TRAP Tourney Schedule Announced

I am pleased to announce the BRGAC Clay Tournament for the 2019/2020
membership year.

Scheduled dates are…

August 17th October 12th December 14th February 8th
April 11th & May 09th

For each date, one round of Skeet, one round of Trap, OR one round of
Olympic Skeet will be conducted. Tournament Days will be the second
Saturday of the month at a time to be announced at least 1 week in
advance. No prizes will be awarded on the Tournament Day, instead points
will be awarded to participants in an inverse relation to their place on
that day, i.e. if you place 1st out of 10 people you get 10 points, you
place 2nd out of 10 you get 9 point, and etc. All ties will be
determined in a shoot off. Bounty birds may be thrown at any time and
will be worth one point if hit. Points are non-transferable. Points will
be converted into tickets and entered into a random drawing conducted at
the annual July 2019 meeting.

Five prizes will be given away, the grand prize will be given first and
the winners are ineligible to receive subsequent prizes. The grand prize
will be a new shotgun. All other prizes are TBD. You do not need to be
present to win.

The cost to participate in a Tournament Day is $5.00 per person. All
tournament days are open to members and non-members alike, prizes will
only be awarded to members for 2020/2021 membership year. Spouses are
considered members for the purpose of this tournament, minor children
are ineligible to win.

There will be six tournament days over the course of the year starting
on August 17th and ending May 2020. Non-members competing throughout the
year will be eligible to win prizes if they become member for the
2020/2021 membership year. If a member for 2019/2020 does not renew
membership for 2020/2021 they will not be eligible.

All tournament days will be on the second Saturday of the month unless
otherwise announced. Severe weather or prior engagement of range
officers may be reason to reschedule Tournament Days. Please monitor the
web page, email, or call myself for updates on rescheduled Tournament

The first Tournament Day will be August 17th, 2019 – sign up starting
at 6:30 p.m. and shooting starting at 7 p.m. we will be shooting one
round of Trap.
Good luck, happy shooting, and stay safe.

Austin Kready
BRGAC Events Coordinator

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