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Membership in the Brazos River Gun & Archery Club is tough to obtain. The Club has a “closed Membership” and is limited to the number of memberships available.

Club Bylaws require members to re-apply for membership each year.  Members have the benefit of the month of June to reapply. July 1st is “open season” and any openings are filled on a first come, first served basis with applications from prospective new members.

Applications for the new year are available June 1st. Getting an application, filling it out and getting it in to the Club as soon as possible is critical.

In 2012, we had a 94.3% renewal rate and in 2013 our renewal rate was 93.6% With renewal rates this high, and a membership cap, this translates to very few available memberships for new members.

NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS will be available on this site, 12:00am JUNE 1st