BRGAC CLAY Tournament to start July 21st

I am pleased to announce the BRGAC Clay Tournament for the 2018/2019 membership year.

Every other month one round of Skeet, one round of Trap, OR one round of Olympic Skeet will be conducted. Tournament Days will be the second Saturday of the month at a time to be announced at least 1 week in advance. No prizes will be awarded on the Tournament Day, instead points will be awarded to participants in an inverse relation to their place on that day, i.e. if you place 1st out of 10 people you get 10 points, you place 2nd out of 10 you get 9 point, and etc. All ties will be determined in a shoot off. Bounty birds may be thrown at any time and will be worth one point if hit. Points are non-transferable. Points will be converted into tickets and entered into a random drawing conducted at the annual July 2019 meeting.

Five prizes will be given away, the grand prize will be given first and the winners are ineligible to receive subsequent prizes. The grand prize will be a new shotgun. All other prizes are TBD. You do not need to be present to win.

The cost to participate in a Tournament Day is $5.00 per person. All tournament days are open to members and non-members alike, prizes will only be awarded to members for 2019/2020 membership year. Spouses are considered members for the purpose of this tournament, minor children are ineligible to win.

There will be six tournament days over the course of the year starting in July 2018 and ending May 2019. Non-members competing throughout the year will be eligible to win prizes if they become member for the 2019/2020 membership year. If a member for 2018/2019 does not renew membership for 2019/2020 they will not be eligible.

All tournament days will be on the second Saturday of the month unless otherwise announced. Severe weather or prior engagement of range officers may be reason to reschedule Tournament Days. Please monitor the web page, the Facebook group, email, or call myself or Chris Hopkins for updates on rescheduled Tournament Days.

Since the second Saturday in July is this weekend, the first Tournament Day will be July 21, 2018 – sign up starting at 6:30 p.m. and shooting starting at 7 p.m. we will be shooting one round of Trap.

Good luck, happy shooting, and stay safe.

Jeff Geer

BRGAC Assistant 2 for the Events Coordinator

2018-2019 Annual Meeting – TONIGHT 7pm

The Annual Meeting for the 2018-2019 Year will be held this EVENING at 7pm in the Clubhouse.

This meeting is a Members ONLY Meeting, no guests will be allowed.

On the Agenda for this meeting:
– Review 2017-2018 Year
– Election of Officers for 2018-2019
– Updates to Club policies
– other topics TBA

Hope to see you there.

Membership RENEWALS are in the Mail

Members should be watching their mailboxes for the arrival of your membership renewal form. Club Secretary, Clark Wraight, sent the renewals out on Friday, May 18th.
Look for this on your letter:

Members need to complete the renewal form and return it to the Secretary before the end of June.

New member applocations will be available on Friday, June 1st. You will find a link to the application on this page. Photocopies of the Renewal applications will not be accepted for ‘new member’ applications.

Members should contact the Secretary if they don’t receive their renewal form by May 30th.

Events Coordinator Announces Skeet Shoot for May 5th

Events Coordinator, Paul Hopkins, Announced at the April quarterly meeting that there would be a skeet shoot For Saturday, May 5th. Here is the flyer, announcing the event:Cinco de Mayo Skeet Shoot

4H Shooting Sports 2018 Spring Schedule

The 4H Shooting Sports Team 2018 Spring Schedule:SCHEDULE

Events Coordinator Announces Pistol Competition

Events Coordinator Paul Hopkins has announced a shooting competition for Saturday, March 31st

The flyer for this event is available here :
2018 Pistol Shoot

License to Carry Class 2018

Brazos River Gun and Archery Club is proud to offer Texas License to Carry classes to any Texas Residents who are at least 21 years of age and are not lawfully PROHIBITED from owning or carrying a firearm.

Class Starts at 10am and will be approximately 5 hours long.

The next Class will be on Sunday, February 25th

Please call Terri Blevins – President, BRGAC to register for any of these classes. (940) 452-0331

The cost for the LTC Class is as follows:

Club Members $50
Non-Members $65

The following is a (Preliminary/Subject to Change) list of classes for 2018:
February 25th
March 25th
April 29th
May 27th
June 24th
July 29th
August 26th
September 30th
October 28th
November 25th (after Thanksgiving)
December 30th (Tentative)

Renewals Reach 93.3% – NEW Member Applications are being processed

The Membership Renewal period ENDED as of June 30th at Midnight, with Membership Renewals reaching 93.3%.

New Member applications are being processed by the Secretary, Clark Wraight. New Member Applicants will be contacted as soon as possible on their successful addition to the Club. With the addition of the New Members, our membership is FULL. We are no longer accepting any new member applications, and the link to the application has been removed.

New Members will receive a “New Member Packet” in the mail with a copy of the By-Laws, a welcome letter from the Club President, a Membership Badge (to be worn while on the Range) and a Range key (for range access).

Welcome to our new members.

Skeet Shoot Scheduled for May 20th

Events-Coordinator, Jeff Geer has announced another Skeet tournament for Saturday, May 20th
Registration for the Event starts at 4pm and the Event starts at 5pm. Here is the flyer
announcing this event. Jeff’s contact information is on the flyer if you need to contact him.
Skeet Shoot 2017

.22 Caliber EASTER “bunny” SHOOT coming !

Event Coordinator, Jeff Geer has announced a .22 Caliber Easter “bunny” Shoot for April 22nd

This EVENT will be Carnival-like Event featuring fun and prizes

The Event will run from 12noon to 4pm

Here’s the flyer post for this event:

BRGAC Easter “bunny” Shoot