Guns for SALE at local Estate Sale

Attention Members:

There is an Estate Sale today, UNTIL 5pm, at 2701 Hilley Dr in Mineral Wells. This sale actually has some firearms for sale.
Below is a list of the firearms remaining as of 1:30pm Saturday:

Nickel Plated Sig Sauer .45.caliber $675.00

Colt .22 Challenger $425.00

Sig Sauer P9. 9mm $500.00

Charter Arms “Under Cover” .38 $275.00

Colt Detective Special .38 $500.00

Auto Nine .22 LR. $250.00

These prices seem high, but I wanted to make sure we let everyone know about them. I am attaching a photo of the gun case they were displayed in.

(click on image to enlarge)

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