Pistol Match brings out 9 competitive shooters

The Pistol Match this past Saturday, had 9 competitors. The match which consisted of 3 rounds began with stationary clay and steel knock-down targets for the first 2 rounds.

The 3rd round was a lot more challenging with each participant choosing an odd-ball target and the shooting distance to the target. Eric Felt, the Club’s Event Coordinator, designed the shoot with elements similar to the Shooting Gallery competition seen in “Top Shot”.

Odd ball targets that were chosen included soda bottles filled with colored water, Small bottles filled with jelly beans or paintballs, tennis balls, balloons, pencils and even bottle caps. It was fun and challenging.

Below are the 9 competitors and their final scores:

1st – Darrin Olsovsky 20 points – .45 $50 Academy Gift Card / Box of Ammo
2nd – Doyle Fain 16 points – .45 $30 Academy Gift Card / Box of Ammo
3rd – Bob Ellis 15 points – .38 Super $29 Academy Gift Card / Box of Ammo
4th – Larry Waddle 11 points – 9mm Box of Ammo
5th – Terri Blevins 10 points – .45
6th – Rob Tyner 9 points – .45
7th – Ty Fain 8 points – .45
8th – Jeff Geer 7 points – 9mm
9th – Kevin Geer 6 points – 9mm

Eric is thinking of the next shoot being a rifle shoot, watch our site to find out details as they are available

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